Copenhagens Inspiring Conference Center

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Copenhagens Inspirering Conference Center

Symbion Conference Center is placed in the heart of the largest entrepreneurial environment. We offer dynamic and inspiring surroundings for your next event, conference, seminar or workshop.

With help from our delicious cuisine, Symbion Conference Center can put together the perfect event. Whether you are an entrepreneur or just want to be a part of the environment in which we create the successes of tomorrow, our Conference Center can create the perfect event. 

Symbion Conference Center is decorated in a modern Nordic design with functional rooms which create the perfect surroundings for an experience different from what you are used to.

We have of course:

  • High-end Wi-Fi and AV equipment
  • Free parking
  • Good service
  • Flexible terms
  • Competitive prices

Symbion Conference Center offer to advertise your event in our network so that you have direct access to all the leading entrepreneurs.

We are always ready to welcome you, share our professional experience and help, and advise you so that your conference becomes a success.

Contact us on or at phone: +45 3917 9999. 



Contact us:

+45 3917 9999 / +45 2211 3855


Persons: < 160 persons
Rooms: 10 - 300 m2

Equipment: Projektor, wifi, whiteboard and flipover


Fruebjergvej 3

2100 København East



The Conference Center offers disability access


Cancelation rules

Call +45 3917 9999